The olive oil that nature offers us; with the contents of Polyphenols,
important vitamins and minerals, has an important place in human life.
Extraordinary Taste

We care that the products we offer have scientifically proven benefits and leave an unforgettable taste on the palate.

Accredited Analysis

We carry out the analysis of our products in laboratories with internationally proven reliability and accreditation.

Healthy Food

It is our priority to offer products that have scientifically proven benefits in human life and nutrition, in their natural form.

Social Responsibility

We carry out projects hand in hand with the Turkish Cancer Association, which has been operating in our country for more than 55 years.


Olive oil

Since olive oil, which has been used for healing for centuries, is obtained by squeezing the olive with its core, it is in the fruit juice category, unlike the oils obtained from other seeds, and according to many scientific studies, a good olive oil has numerous benefits for human life.

Dry Fig

Fig, which contains substances that are very critical for bones and teeth such as calcium and phosphorus, is a very valuable resource for the renewal of cells in the human body with the abundant amount of protein, vitamins and minerals it contains.

Miracle Component Polyphenols

The health benefits of high-polyphenol olive oil are supported by scientific and clinical research and are covered by the regulations of organizations such as EFSA (European Food Safety Agency) and FDA (American Food and Drug Administration).

The reason that makes high polyphenol olive oil so important is that it contains a high percentage of different phenol groups shared on the side, which are disease preventing and extremely beneficial for human health.


Benefits Of High Polyphenol Olive Oil

"As a person who consumes olive oil a lot and is fond of a healthy life, I have used Ravla very fondly and with pleasure. As a high polyphenol olive oil, I can say that its scent is also very nice and it can be felt from the lid."
Ece Vahapoğlu

Author / Presenter / Wellness & Yoga Instructor

"I always recommend that babies should give great importance to the foods they eat in the first periods when they switch to supplementary food. Olive oil is one of the main products of the supplementary food; I recommend it to all my clients, mothers and babies after meeting and using Ravla. I still use it with love."
Esra Ertuğrul

Founder of Bebeimgeliyor Center

"As a family that places a lot of olive oil consumption in our diet, we are very used to the taste and smell of Ravla with its high polyphenol content, we consume it frequently and fondly as a family."
Hakan Alsaç

Founder of Kadıköy Bilgi Yolu College

"It is very important for me and my family to consume healthy products in our busy work schedule. We love Ravla and enjoy its benefits very much. My children started to drink olive oil thanks to Ravla."
Gürkan Çağlar

Karya Tekstil - International Sales Manager

"As an institution, we pay attention to the ingredients of healthy nutrition and the products used in nutrition. As the Turkish Cancer Association, we use Ravla olive oil for our guests in our kitchen, and we use it safely and with pleasure in our lives."
Burak Duruman

President of the Turkish Cancer Association

"As a family that consumes a lot of olive oil and attaches importance to healthy nutrition, we are also very picky about olive oil. We loved Ravla very much, its taste and smell are very good and we recommend it to all our relatives."
Neşat Güler

Güler Dynamic Financial Affairs Director



We strongly believe in what we do and the way we work.
We attach our care, quality and passion to the miracles of nature and work wholeheartedly to preserve the most natural forms of these miracles.



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