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About Dry Fig

Fig is a fruit belonging to the mulberry family. It is the only member that can bear fruit among approximately 800 species of its own genus. Therefore, it has gained commercial value.

Fig trees are divided into two as female and male. A single tree cannot be male and female at the same time. Fruits of female trees are larger and more, but also tasty and edible. The fruits of male trees are not tasty, they are quite small and few in number. For this reason, the fruits of male trees are used only for pollination, not for eating.

It contains materials that are very critical for bones and teeth such as calcium and phosphorus. In addition to bone and tooth development, especially dried fig consumption helps the human body to renew its cells. The reason for this is that there are plenty of proteins, vitamins and minerals in figs. When 100 grams of dried figs are consumed, 17% of the daily calcium needs of the body, 30% of the iron and magnesium needs, 20% of the phosphorus needs, 5% of the vitamin B1 needs and 4% of the B2 vitamin needs are provided.

Another benefit of fig fruit is that it allows the cholesterol taken into the body to be removed from the body without mixing with the blood. It achieves this due to the high percentage of fibers it contains. Fig, which facilitates this function by relaxing the digestive system due to its similar properties, also has a structure that protects the body against bacteria. Another benefit of the above-mentioned calcium and phosphorus content is that the calcium contained in figs can be digested much more easily than other foods. Thus, it shows a more dynamic structure for bone and tooth development. It is also recommended for people who cannot drink milk to eat figs, just because of these and similar properties and benefits.

The fig, which is very useful for human health, is sold in many places as a result of commercial concerns and conscious unconscious practices.
Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that it does not contain hydrogen peroxide and aflatoxin when buying figs.

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